Tea For Me!

Typically when someone says “would you like an iced tea?” I think sugary sweet - but delicious Nestea. As much as I like it, the amount of sugar in it makes me cringe. A quick internet search tells me there’s 34 grams per 16 fluid oz. Ouch!

However, there are more options for iced tea and tea lovers to have a cold treat without worrying about ingesting a sugar bomb.

Rejoice! For there is DavidsTea! 

Their hot tea is wonderful on a chilly day or when you’re feeling under the weather. But, with summertime around the corner it seems nobody can get enough of their iced tea! My boyfriend and I go there almost everyday for our fix.

Not only is DavidsTea a delicious treat - it’s affordable!  

With the purchase of a stylish iced tea mug for only 9.50$ you can get the tea of the day (there are always two options) for just a dollar instead of the regular price of 2.50$. And we’re not talking a little wiener sized drink for a dollar. The amount of tea that your mug can hold is quite substantial. If you frequent DavidsTea like I do, the mug quickly pays for itself. 

Davids has countless options for you to choose from. Caffeinated, non-caffeinated, black tea, green tea (0 calories!), white tea, oolong tea, roobios, pu’erh tea, and herbal tea! There’s something for everyone and when you only have to pay a dollar, there’s lots of time and spare change to be able to try all kinds!

Forget dollar drink days at McDonald’s. It’s time to abandon sugary beverages and opt for something healthier and yummier.


(my mug with delicious Kanpe tea!)