Summer Makeup Y’all

Wearing makeup when it’s warm out sucks. It melts off your face and when you’re wearing too much you can quickly go from ravishing to a gooey mess.

Even though I worked as a cosmetician for quite a while, I don’t recommend wearing a lot of makeup and most days I just don’t bother with it. But here is my summertime necessity
Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup

Simply put, this stuff is the shit. It’s perfect for normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin (yay for fragrance free!). Anyone can wear it and it doesn’t even look or feel like you’re wearing anything after you apply it. No need for foundation with this one. It’s fantastic on its own!

It’s a powder that has encapsulated coconut water in it. So, when you put it on the little capsules break open to hydrate your skin. That explains while you’ll feel a wet sensation on your skin while applying. For oily/combo skin ladies there is no oil in this makeup, just water so there’s no need for concern. And dry skin ladies, this powder will not make you look ridiculously matte, it has a lovely glowy finish without making you look shiny. 

And even though you should always wear sunscreen, this little dandy has an spf of 13 to boot. 

When applying this product you don’t want to fluff in on your face like a normal powder. I recommend that you use the brush that comes with it or a flat foundation brush and smooth it on to your face. This way, the capsules break and the makeup will better set on your face. As well, you can put on one coat for minimal coverage or you can layer and layer it until you get your desired coverage without looking like someone beat you with a flower bag. It comes in many shades, however, don’t worry about picking the perfect colour. The photocromatic pigments in the product act as tiny mirrors that reflect light. That’s how it covers blemishes rather than using heavy colour laden pigments.

And before we all go “wah wah good things like this aren’t cheap” ..surprise! It actually has a faboosh price. Generally, it’s 19.99$ at Shoppers. But, quite often it goes on sale for 12.99$ or 13.99$ (check your flyer!). Wal-Mart’s regular price on it is somewhere in between Shopper’s sale price and regular price. 

Go give it a whirl, ladies. You won’t be disappointed!

(I’m Awesome!)

Tea For Me!

Typically when someone says “would you like an iced tea?” I think sugary sweet - but delicious Nestea. As much as I like it, the amount of sugar in it makes me cringe. A quick internet search tells me there’s 34 grams per 16 fluid oz. Ouch!

However, there are more options for iced tea and tea lovers to have a cold treat without worrying about ingesting a sugar bomb.

Rejoice! For there is DavidsTea! 

Their hot tea is wonderful on a chilly day or when you’re feeling under the weather. But, with summertime around the corner it seems nobody can get enough of their iced tea! My boyfriend and I go there almost everyday for our fix.

Not only is DavidsTea a delicious treat - it’s affordable!  

With the purchase of a stylish iced tea mug for only 9.50$ you can get the tea of the day (there are always two options) for just a dollar instead of the regular price of 2.50$. And we’re not talking a little wiener sized drink for a dollar. The amount of tea that your mug can hold is quite substantial. If you frequent DavidsTea like I do, the mug quickly pays for itself. 

Davids has countless options for you to choose from. Caffeinated, non-caffeinated, black tea, green tea (0 calories!), white tea, oolong tea, roobios, pu’erh tea, and herbal tea! There’s something for everyone and when you only have to pay a dollar, there’s lots of time and spare change to be able to try all kinds!

Forget dollar drink days at McDonald’s. It’s time to abandon sugary beverages and opt for something healthier and yummier.


(my mug with delicious Kanpe tea!)

Those pink rimmed glasses from the dollar tree for A DOLLAR? I really like them and I had never heard of this dollar tree until now. cool

Dollar Tree is pretty much Dollarama/A Buck Or Two in the States. Going to the dollar store with $10 is the most fun - but that’s not exactly a big ole secret. I always find awesome treats. Perhaps I’ll do a blog entry about dollar store goodies in the near future :)

Don’t overspend on accessories!

Hi Everybody!

This is my first post and I hope you all find it helpful :)

One of the biggest issues when piecing together an outfit is choosing the right accessories. Unfortunately, this can become fairly expensive if you’re anything like me and have a tendency to hoard jewellery.

Two major tips I can offer are;

1) Quality over quantity 

If you are lucky enough to have a little extra money flow your way, set it aside and save for something you’ve had your eye on. If you find one thing that you absolutely adore it’s better to splurge on that rather than spend your money on a zillion things that will either collect dust or be given away. Don’t be impulsive. And doubt means don’t!

2) Hunt for deals!

You may not have to search for long! Online shops and local boutiques carry lovely items, however, they do tend to get fairly pricey. One site I always turn to for cheap goodies is eBay! A quick search will provide you with countless pages of cute accessories. Etsy also has many affordable options if you take the time to browse. 

Just be careful not to go crazy! Even though a single item can be affordable, ten or a dozen of them may not be. We all have a tendency to fill our boots when we see low prices. :)

Anywho, here are some photos of cheap treasures that I’ve found online

(Owl necklace from eBay: $1-$2 + free shipping)

(Leaf Wrap Hinge Bracelete from Forever 21: $7.80 + free shipping with order over $60)

(Octopus Necklace from eBay: $1-$2 + free shipping)

(Horn Rimmed Sunglasses from Dollar Tree: $1)

Happy shopping! xo